How Can I Thank You.

The most exciting news

Did reach my ears
The love of my Healer
Raise your eyes to the sky
Hands held high
Capture the moment, Darling
Hold it tight
Never look back now
Yes, just go ahead
Where the lilies are singing now
No longer dead
Even as I sat wondering
You still remained
Even when I was unfaithful
You stayed the same
Even as I began to fear
You called my name
You spoke into this heart, God
A word called hope
Gave me a dream with a vision
And said the word, “go”
I cannot contain how I feel
This is all so surreal
Not like anything I have ever known
You love me for me
You call me Beloved
You love me as me
Golly, how can I ever say thank You
Even if I were to shout it
Everyday with arms held high
It could never thank You enough
I must l i v e
Dream continue on now
Toward my feet again
And Sweet Jesus, my Lover
This is why I exist.
-I wrote this when I was told I was no longer sick and I still believe that God healed me completely.

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