For You My Love.

Weary beyond explanation

Truly tired of placing those Expectations
Longing to soar in the colours of our dreams
Just letting love exist, instead of holding it down
I treated you as though you left me
Though you always stayed right here
I treated you as though you’d changed
Yet you always remained the same
I treated you in what I thought to be truth
Yet before my eyes your true heart stood
I treated you in disbelief of what you’d spoken to me
And saw your eyes as you took it in,
Which is something I never want to see
I spoke to you with piercing words
And you decided to stay
You continue to amaze me
You have captured my heart
This I know will never change
In those seasons
Where the storms seem to stay
I know that we can make this
And fight, for it’s only rain
“Ash beneath,
Rain above
Such pretty rain
Through all old pain”
So now I run into this change
Into this season ahead
With no expectations,
Only love
I know you and trust you my love
You’re here to stay
Run along, Darling
Don’t look back
For truth is to behold
Run along in this love
Fear not, fear nothing
Simply trust
For I am weary of holding onto nothing
You never turned away
You never changed
You never looked away from this dream
The very thing I long for I fear the most
Yet I know in my weakness He is made strong
Please, no more
No longer mere speaking
I’m tired of no action
For what I long to say
Is much deeper than words
– I wrote this in regards to my lack of trust and my fatalistic mindset. I always believed the worst would come.

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