Ash Beneath, Rain Above.

White and black

To gray
Please Jesus please
It burns
Ashes lie to pain
No more
Owned to disown
Thrown away
Deep stains tend to remain
A cry
A longing
A piercing
A tear does fall
Even now.
Cry to die
Die to hide
Hide to find
Oh what a find, everything
Dark beneath all else
Thought to be lost
Yet remains
Fade, please fade
To the nothingness
Distasteful taste
Now we’re face to face
Erase, yes now erase
And rather bland now
Wouldn’t you say?
Old to new
New to all beauty divine
This is really something
A taste with colour
Something quite rare
A cry falls to the floor
C r a s h i n g down
Down there
No more, Darling, no more
Die to self
Self to rise
No more falling, only rise
Up to colour, oh shine
Where the lilies smile
A field with beauty divine
Ash beneath
Rain above
Such pretty rain
Such pretty rain
Such pretty rain
You’re here to stay
Don’t delay
Don’t hesitate
Run, oh and dance
Through all beauty
Don’t rush, no, please take your time.
– I can go through quite the array of emotions! I was torn. I had moments of intense fear and moments of complete trust. This was a moment of fear changing into a moment of trust.

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