Prayer Request.

Just a quick prayer request: my (Jami’s) health

Now that we are having a baby, we worry a lot more about my health when I catch something. It is almost impossible for me to not catch the community sickness, whatever it may be.  (I have a terrible immune system)!
Anyways, living in the mountains with almost 100 other people, is frightening to me. I try to stay away from people who are hacking or have a cold, but it seems I’ve come down with one anyways.
I either have a cold with a terribly runny nose and a headache and earache along with that. I don’t know if it is the common cold or a sinus infection. Can you please pray for me!
Please pray that I heal up VERY quickly and that the baby will be okay throughout this entire quarter, regardless of what I may catch! I feel miserable, and don’t want my baby to feel the same. I know you would all pray for us if I wrote, so thank you!
Love, Jami & baby

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