Week 16: The Skin I’m In.

Well, here is my growing belly! I’m loving it. The past three days I’ve felt a really heavy and achy feeling. It’s almost like I have a full bladder… you know that feeling? Only I don’t have one. I hope this makes sense.
If you’ve been preggo before, please let me know what you think it is! I’m not afraid, only curious.

3 thoughts on “Week 16: The Skin I’m In.

  1. Hannah says:

    The full bladder feeling is normal from my experience- even more so as you get bigger. Oh boy now that I’m coming up on 37 weeks there is a new meaning to achy and heavy (and tired)! Your little bump is adorable :) I think you’re starting to carry very similarly to me. Are you planning to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?


  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree, the full bladder feeling is normal and the achiness may be your round ligiment pain or (stretching of your uterus), i experienced that around 16 weeks so it may be :-)your little tummy is so cute! danielle


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