New Heights.

I apologize for being so late in updating! Hopefully now that our quarter is beginning to settle I will update more frequently.

I’ve received emails asking “What are you guys doing this quarter” or “How is the pregnancy” or “Have the students arrived”… well, I’m here to answer all of the questions. Hopefully if my pregnancy brain allows me to remember every detail.
5 outreach teams left from Arvada on Christmas eve; Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, San Fransisco-Tokyo, & Mobile team (secondary students traveling the U.S.). They will return for debriefing February 9th.
The new students arrived January 5 full of excitement & anticipation for what was ahead; for most of them, that meant the unknown. 41 students arrived for our Boarders DTS (snowboarding discipleship training school), and 13 students arrived for our W.I.S.E. school (worship spiritual warfare & evangelism).
Boarders DTS:
For more information on what a Boarders DTS exactly is: (
I personally really enjoy this group of students already. This DTS is unlike any of the other DTS’s we run throughout the year.
The boarders are usually young & like a culture of their own. Ted grew up skating and snowboarding & I tried my hand in both, walked away with some scars from skateboarding & planning on improving my snowboarding by a lot. Despite the fact that we aren’t pros, we both LOVE the culture. The students are brave, raw, courageous, and searching for adventure; whether is be good or bad. I really enjoy watching the growth already. Some may walk in with a tough facade masking private despair. The redemption is this school is phenomenal.
W.I.S.E. School:
For more information on what the W.I.S.E. school exactly is: (
For the first time in YWAM Denver history W.I.S.E. school is living up at our mountain campus called Eagle Rock. It has been great watching the two schools interact. This group of WISE student’s is very diverse & enjoyable!
What this quarter looks like for Ted:
Ted is actually working as a small group leader of 3 WISE students & already enjoying sitting in class for each teaching & spending time with his guys. He will be heading out Feb. 18 – 27th for Mardi Gras outreach with the WISE school. Please be praying ahead for good weather & a great outreach! Ted is also leading worship up here.
What this quarter looks like for me:
I am not working a school, because I am pregnant. At first I was disappointed, but now I see it is for the best. I need to rest a lot more than I ever have in my life, and having a small group would have been crazy. So… I am still working in the web department and loving it. I updated the YWAM Denver site ( and I am working in photoshop cs3 & dreamweaver trying to learn as much as possible about creating a website & graphic design.
I am also working as the Intercession coordinator with one other girl on staff. We have the awesome opportunity to intercede & ask God what He wants our base to be praying for each Wednesday & Friday morning. We are trying to be creative & catch the heart of each student/staff, challenging them to step out in creativity & prayer. I’ve enjoyed the creative side of both of my jobs this quarter. It is fulfilling!
And… I am pregnant, which I feel is a job in and of itself; just wait ’til baby comes! I am reading material on pregnancy, eating, exercise, the baby in the womb &  outside. It’s been awesome & eye opening. I am also trying to move forward in maturity & quite making life all about me. With a baby that will be close to impossible, why not learn now!
Oh, and we have temporarily moved to our mountain campus for the next three months, along with all of the transition ahead. Hence: new heights.
Thanks for reading this novel. ;)
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