Week 16: "Popped" .

Week 15 & week 16 changes:
(Cause we forgot about week 15, somehow)
Baby’s legs are growing longer than the arms now & he/she can move all of it’s joints & limbs. There is not much for baby to taste right now, but baby’s taste buds are forming. Baby is now 4 1/2 inches long, weighing 3 1/2 ounces. Baby is moving around A LOT! Ted always tries to feel the baby, but it hasn’t happened yet, he’s been waiting  patiently so hopefully soon!
The biggest change in the past two weeks is I have “popped” as they call it. Which basically means, my belly is now really showing, I mean it’s obvious I am preggo. I wondered how I would carry, and although I still have a long while to go, I’m already loving the way I carry.
I wondered if I would carry side to side, or have a round belly, like a basketball. I am definitely headed towards the basketball look and I am excited. My tummy is poking out, & it’s super hard and round. I’ll maybe take pics of just my tummy next week. I could live without the weight in my chest, but maybe that means, more food for baby? Well, I hope so anyways.
The only thing that is hard right now is my back is aching already. My back has curved quite a lot. Even Ted noticed and said, “Well no wonder why your back is hurting.” I actually laugh at myself sometimes, when I stand in front of a full length mirror. Oh the changes!
Thanks for stopping by,
Jami & Baby E

3 thoughts on “Week 16: "Popped" .

  1. Hannah says:

    Yes- I am so excited about having the baby at home. I was lucky enough to have three friends who have done so and had very positive experiences, and early on I started researching homebirth and decided that was what I wanted. My midwife is really amazing, and very experienced. If you can find a chiropractor who specifically works with pregnant women, I would recommend that for back pain and to help you stay correctly aligned. Mine has helped me a ton.


  2. Meagan Schmidt says:

    Also, as natural as it is to just let your tummy be relaxed it’s really helpful to try to have good posture by keeping your tummy muscles tucked in. It really helped my back-especially with carrying the twins…anyway, good times! you look absolutely adorable jami!! Thanks for keeping us updated! :)


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