I am 99% what I’ve been feeling this week is the baby! It started on Tuesday morning and I’ve felt or at least noticed it ever since!

It’s so surreal to me. It is like someone poking me from inside. People have described it as gas, but this feels different. Like someone is like: poke….poke poke poke…poke over and over. Mostly when I am sitting down or lying down.
Someone recently told me that was because when I walk around, it was like rocking the baby. And when I lie down or sit down, it starts moving. So I’ve really been paying attention and sure enough, here I am laying down and I’m feeling him/her!!!!
NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE! (as i write this long blog :) )

2 thoughts on “Fluttering.

  1. Hannah says:

    That is exactly how it felt for me at first- little pokes from inside. Wow it’s early- I felt it at 16 weeks. It just gets better and better! My little guy always moves a lot more when I’m not moving around too- he puts on a little show every night :) Just wait til you can see it from the outside- it’s so surreal.


  2. Bowker Family says:

    Jami, I can remember the first time I felt you move. Your dad was gone to boot camp, and I felt very alone not having him to share it with. I remember running upstairs to tell your grandma and grandpa who I was living with while he was gone. It was a very surreal thing, you are right. I also remember it being one of the things I missed most after each of you was born. It’s an incredible thing…God placing another life inside you to nurture and grow. He is truly AMAZING, isn’t He?


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