The candlelight service
We remember & rejoice, they are with Jesus.
A friend gave Ted this picture & frame. Blessed him a lot.
A year ago this past monday evening, our two dear friends Tiffany Johnson & Philip Crouse lost their lives here on earth & went to be with our Saviour.

This week was filled with ache, good memouries, tears, celebration of their year with Jesus, & silence.
Monday evening the base held a memorial candlelight service. Ted and I had still not decided if we were going to go or stay home. It was a difficult decision. It is hard to find balance because for us both our minds began to relive rather than remember.
We didn’t want to relive the horror of finding out our two friends, and Ted’s long time friend had passed away. We didn’t want to relive that night, and days to come, of being strong for others, when all we wanted to do was break down.
We did want to remember who they were in our lives, what they meant to us, what they taught us, and how they inspired us. We did want to remember who they were & celebrate their lives now with God.
We decided it would be a time for healing so we went. Ted spoke about Phil’s life, a memoury they shared while living in Alaska, and then spoke of what Phil’s life has inspired him to do this past year.
God has taught Ted & I what it means to truly love and to truly serve people.
We will always remember the legacy our dear friends left behind & pray in the years to come we will live this legacy of love and serving.
(Above photos of candlelight service taken by Matthew Sztyk.)

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