Hugging the Bathroom Floor & My Nightmare Shopping Story.

I’ve recently hit the “peak” of my morning sickness, or so I’ve heard. Since last Sunday I have not only had my typical all day sickness (not morning sickness for this mama), but I’ve also had a lot of trips to the bathroom. I was complaining a few weeks back about how I wouldn’t mind the nauseousness if I could also throw up every time I felt awful….

I spoke too soon, yet again. With every meal or snack that comes my way (with the expectionof freezy pops), I make a run for the nearest bathroom.

Thank you God, Thanksgiving Day I was able to keep the wonderful traditional foods down and avoided the foods which I knew would end with a trip to the bathroom.

I am 9 weeks pregnant, and feeling it. I think the biggest change in my body this week is not only the more frequent trips to a trashcan or bathroom, but my stomach now looks pudgy & round! It is a mix of water retention & the fact that my uterus is now bigger than a large grapefruit & about the size of a small melon. Crazy!

(If you happen to be a man, stop reading here… trust me.)

The BIGGEST change in my body is my breasts. Yes, I AM talking about this… and I really doubt guys read this blog, or at least for this post’s sake I hope not!

Wednesday evening when my mom and sisters came to pick me up for Thanksgiving, we went shopping & with my mom’s encouragement I went into my first maternity store. (I needed encouragement because I wasn’t quite ready). My mom asked the lady to measure me… so she did and I about died. And the tears came as I stood in the dressing room trying on the bras that I never thought I would fit into, ever.

I have already managed to outgrow not one but two bra sizes… bringing me from a B to a D. My jaw dropped and tears formed when she told me I was already a size C 1/2 and would definitely be a D by the time the baby arrives. For those of you who know me, I am short & small which means I will probably topple over one of these days.


Well, thanks for listening, again to my pregnant babbling!
x – Jami (& baby)

One thought on “Hugging the Bathroom Floor & My Nightmare Shopping Story.

  1. Hannah says:

    Haha I started out a D- so I’m so glad I haven’t gotten any bigger because of pregnancy- I was so worried that I would. I really hope the nausea goes away soon for you.


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