week 7

Okay so our week 7 photo ended up looking like week 6. Actually, this weeks photo may have been worse than the week before! By worse I mean, not showing at all. At this point, I feel kind of silly standing against the wall, having Ted take a photo! I can’t wait to show, and pray that time comes here soon!

So a little update on the baby’s development for this week:
His/her baby features become more prominent this week… I’m so curious as to what the baby will look like!! The baby’s eyes are becoming more fully formed, along with the major muscle system, the teeth & intestines. Also, the placenta formed this week. My favourite part… He/she should be squirming a lot these days. I won’t feel the baby until about week 17 or so, but it still excites me. He/she is the size of a rasberry.
I have learned rather quickly that morning sickness is actually morning, afternoon, evening sickness for me. I’ve found if I eat a meal or snack after 8 pm, I’m good. This first trimester has been interesting! I’m determined not to lose any weight though, for baby’s sake! Oh, AND… my uterus is now the size of a grapefruit!!
Well, I am almost 8 weeks, so maybe just maybe the baby will be showing for our next photo! Oh, and this is kind of fun… my first trimester officially ends christmas eve! It’s hard to believe I will be 3 months prego with our little one by then!!
Thanks for listening!
Jami (& baby)

One thought on “week 7

  1. Hannah says:

    Ginger was my best friend in the 1st trimester. I had it in tea and soda form as well as crystallized drops to suck on. I started getting a little bump right around 8-9 weeks. Don’t worry the belly is definitely coming, and then at some point you’ll wonder if it will be like that forever lol…


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