Oh Snap, more Babbling.

I love journaling & usually can’t go a day without doing so. Whenever I get a new journal, I try and place pictures or words that can be/are significant so when I reach that day in my journal, it’s a nice little surprise but also a challenge or remembrance.

When I was given my most recent journal, I added a picture I found from a magazine, of a little baby playing with bubbles. I then cut out the words ‘you can trust me‘ as a reminder to trust God. I frequently leave my journal at my desk at work, so I have an alternative one that I write in if I do forget the journal.
So, the mix of writing in both journals over the past few months, led me to land on the baby page the week we found out we are pregnant! I don’t think believe in pure coincidence, I know and trust it WAS God’s timing. It is.

On Saturday Ted, a friend, and I spent time in one of my favourite places; Barnes & Noble! Usually I would follow Ted immediately to the travel or photography section, but not this time!
I headed to the baby section with much excitement. I remember this past spring standing in front of these very books with the hope that someday I’d be a mommy. Only, I remember not touching, only looking at the covers, because I knew myself all too well. I knew it wasn’t yet God’s timing.
I don’t actually know why I’m babbling about this, but I did find a few good finds, one in which I purchased. (Random fact: I usually find the books or magazines that I love and want while in Barnes & Noble but I usually purchase them at amazon for a better price. I rarely purchase at Barnes & Noble, but I LOVE it).
I bought: My Pregnancy Journal by Ryland Peters & Small
There were quite a few to choose from, but this was my favourite because it has you write a lot & gives you important facts.
Thanks for listening to my babblings!
Jami (& Baby)

6 thoughts on “Oh Snap, more Babbling.

  1. Andrew and Meagan says:

    You are so sweet Jami! i love your babblings and it will be such a treasure to have those journals to share with your little one! Keep up the posts- can’t wait to see your baby bump get bigger!!love, meagan


  2. Manny & Hannah says:

    I have spent a bit of time in the Barnes and Noble baby section myself over the last several months. Like I said before, I am so excited for you! Pregnancy is such an amazing time- I feel like I am really being prepared to be a mom every day. Enjoy it :)


  3. Ash says:

    Oh Jami, I am so incredibly happy for you! It makes me want to cry. We are praying for you and the LITTLE one! and OF COURSE Mr. Ted..I love you and cant wait to be able to see the progress! YAY!!!!Love Ash and Dan(mainly Ash haha)


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