Full Blown.

This morning I had my first bouts of morning sickness (which I’ve heard morning sickness can come throughout the day & today have seen, it can and does).

A few times since I’ve found out we’re expecting, I’ve wondered if I have been experiencing morning sickness, but then I thought it was all in my head! Well, today there was no wondering! It was full blown.

I am praying that my stomach each day settles at least long enough for me to work half of a day!
I also had a terrible vivid dream last night, please pray against those, cause they really mess me up!

This morning I spent time at home, sick, so I decided to catch up on some pregnancy reading! A friend of mine who has had a few of her own, gave me some great reading material, along with the books from my mother, and a few I’ve collected over the past year from thrift stores.

I’m learning a lot about our baby and his/her development for each week, and I am STILL in shock of how fast this little one grows! What a miracle!

Also, I was thinking about doing some sort of pregnancy fitness classes at the YMCA, so we are looking into that right now. I was reading about the importance of a healthy weight, so I’m determined to gain the baby weight and still be healthy!

x- Jami (& baby)

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