Behold & Adore.

“Behold and adore,
The King of Kings,
The Lord of Lords.”

During worship this morning You really spoke to our hearts, my heart.
How often I sing of how broken, lonely, hurting, and fallen I am and not of who You truly are, and who I am in You.
This morning as we sung words of praise and adoration,
of who You truly are; the King of Kings, the God of mercy, Lord of Lords,
I became so aware of Your presence.

Today was truly complete.
Each day is completely complete as we become more and more aware of who You are, and who we are in You.

I remember what you have done for me.
How can I ever forget to adore who You are?

You are worthy of our adoration & praise!
King of glory, God of mercy!

Healer, Friend, Father, Saviour, and Lover!

Oh, how differently we would live, sing, write, dance, speak, walk, love, listen…
If we would just remember who You are, and who we are in You!

If we would adore you with our everything.

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