(01:: I am so sorry for the delayed blog of almost a month!)

Here is my attempt to fill you in on the latest in the Davis life.

Along with each new season & quarter change comes a change in our lifestyle as well. We’ve learned quickly to be flexible and now we anticipate this change with open hearts & minds!

02:: t h a i l a n d
As many of you know, we recently returned from our second outreach to Thailand. This past trip was incredibly redemptive as well as challenging. It truly grew Ted and I into the leaders God is calling us to be. Obviously there is always room for growth and I am by no means saying we’ve got this all together. I believe with each different situation, team or person, new challenges arise causing us to trust God further and either deepen our leadership or we learn a valuble lesson from trusting our own strength falling and getting back up. That was last season; our wonderful summer abroad.

03:: b a s e
Our fall season is completely different and full of new changes and challenges. Neither of us are working a school, but instead serving the base. Let me take a moment to say, this is actually ten times more challenging (for us) than leading a team of rambuncious indepedent youth to a foriegn country. We are missionaries technically, but sometimes when serving the base through little things which may seem meaningless can be difficult. God’s really changed our perspective and shown Ted and I both what it means to serve where He has called us… and to do so whole heartedly. God really shook up our “plans” of leaving staff and traveling with a buddy, to staying on staff and joining the Timothy Team here until March of 2010. This was a huge and difficult descision which ultimetly led to God telling us clearly we need to serve here until then. And all the while, grow in our leadership and live our life as abundantely as Christ’s gives.

04:: D a i l y
This quarter Ted is the maintenance director. He is really enjoying leading and changing the department for the better, and really putting God in the center of everything instead of just making it mundane every day jobs. I’ve am super proud of him. God is really doing a lot in him in leadership. It’s been amazing to watch this process! Pray for grace, energy, strength, & a more detailed perspective for him as he serves there.
As for me, I am working as kitchen assistant which uses the tiniest part of my brain and the web department with uses every bit of my brain and energy. The kitchen job is super chill and I spend most of my time in the web department, working along side with two others to help create a new website for the base. I love the graphics and creative side to this job a ton! It’s the coding side which is very challenging. I spent 2 1/2 hours one afternoon working on a project, proudly hitting enter and immediately realizing everything was wrong. I will never again make that mistake and for that I am thankful, but it was dissapointing. Pray for my mind & that I’ll press in with my everything!

Thank you lovely friends for reading my ridiculously long winded blog!
x Jami

The first thing that popped into my mind when naming this blog was Chopsticks.
Chopsticks is a name for my randomosity in every aspect of my life. I have a chopsticks playlist, a chopsticks memoury box, a chopsticks email folder, a chopsticks picture folder, a chopsticks mix cd … don’t really know how this came about but it did and it sticks.

Hence the name of this blog.

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