Such Great Heights.

Here we are back in the “lower 48” as Alaskan’s would say. It was interesting flying over the Rockies after seeing such massive snow tipped mountains in Alaksa. I’m not saying the Rockies aren’t beautiful for I know they are, but once you have seen such great beauty it’s hard not to compare.

The biggest shock to me was how flat our land is here. I guess I’ve always thought it was pretty hilly and mountainous, but really it’s not at all. Here you have to drive a few hours to reach such great heights, in Alaska they are in your backyard. I love Colorado, please don’t get me wrong, I just really love the beauty of Alaska too.

One thing I really enjoy about being home is the sun! We only had 2 maybe three sun moments in Alaska (I saw moments because there wasn’t a full day of sun)!

Hope you enjoyed the photos of Alaska, and I may post more later!

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