Travels by Foot, Train, and Sea.

Watch the photo below first…glacier calving!

I was SO excited to get this on camera !

Ted was here for most of the boat ride, he was so sick. I woke him to see the glacier.


this area was called God’s view or something

The rainy summer made beautiful waterfalls.

The first views of this massive glacier

Those are mountains surrounding this glacier. Which means, yes, this glacier is HUGE!

I was in awe of icebergs. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

The blue hues are scattered back when light deeply penetrates frozen glaciers… i thought that was a really cool fact!

Ted’s parents bought us an 8 hour cruise!

Kenai Star, the boat we took out.

taking photos was extremely wet and cold, but worth it.

Rainy view from our table, that’s why I was outside for most. (oh and there is supposed to be an eagle on the top of this rock, but you can’t even tell.)

Ted and his dad. The lakes are aqua from the glaciers.


Ted and I took a 4 hour train ride through the alaskan mountains!

This is one of my favourites. Check out the mountain reflection behind.

This is what you wear to a spontaneous hike. I was freezing.

Everything is blurred except the tunnel, i like it.

Side view of the train.

Pickin’ blueberries… very very sour.

Look at the vibrant colours – from our hike.

Takin’ some video for the fam. (YAY!)

Ted’s a smarty.

This ain’t no smokey the bear…

Salmon spawning… Ted was excited to show me the size of the fish here

Otter Lake on Fort Rich army post (where ted lived for 6 years)

The beginning of our hiking trip, we spotted moose!

They were so close, Anisa (Ted’s mom) and I were frightened.

Ted’s dad Ted (see how close we are!)

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