One Step Beyond.

Please pray for Ted and I as we are dealing with a few situations where we need to rely on God’s peace and put in His armor.

God has really been emphasizing peace in Ted and I lately. In areas where we usually would react or shrink back, He is calling us to push forward and pursue peace.
Alaska is the perfect place to pursue peace. It’s beautiful, stunning really. And where we are located is extremely peaceful.
I know God is on control, and He will take what the enemy has planned for evil and make it good, but the part where I need to trust Him and wait…well it’s a little easier said than done. Remember the unconditional trust lesson… yeah still working on this.
Also, while we are up here Ted is getting his dental work taken care of. He is in need of a root canal and can get it cheaper up here, so we are waiting for an open appointment. The past three mornings we’ve been up around 6 am to drive to the dentist and wait for an open appointment, this will continue next week until we hopefully get an appointment! ‘
Pray this opens up so he can get everything taken care of!
Thanks for your prayers! We love you guys!
Jami (& Ted whose snoozing on the couch)
photo above: a street sign here in AK

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