Moose Siting!

I get excited about little things in life, as you can see.

My first moose siting, here in Alaska. (We think we saw one in the mountains in wyoming last year too.)

I was on the phone talking with friends I know (and soon will see!!), and I had told her that I haven’t seen a moose yet. I then turned around on the road I was standing on, out front of Ted’s house, and there stood a female moose!! I pretty much freaked out, well I did.
It was a great exciting moment. Hopefully next I’ll be writing about a bear, well… one not so close to me.
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2 thoughts on “Moose Siting!

  1. Bowker Family says:

    Jami, I love you. You are so fun! About the bear…I had a dream last night about a bear chasing someone and trying to save them, so don’t be too adventurous! P.S. I posted our first work day blog today after our adventures yesterday. Keep having fun and tell the Kettlers hello! Much Love, Madre


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