Our Alaska Travels

(Photos of our flight out of cloudy Denver. The clouds looked like an ocean of cotton balls. Ted and I were in awe. The best part of flying it the beauty above!)
Day One:
We awoke early this morning to head out and travel the road to see Alaska! Because our flight was late last night, I wasn’t able to see the beauty of Alaska until this morning. The view from Ted’s front window of the home he grew up in is absolutely phenomenal. A huge mountain covered in the many shades of fall. The we walk to the backdoor and I find that they actually live in a valley! They are surrounded by beauty! After checking out the yard, Ted wanted to take me for a drive in his old firebird. It’s a really old, very nice beautiful red firebird, it’s just too bad that we can’t bring it home to Denver. It would just be a terribly long, expensive drive!!
We then took off on the road, and began our day travels. And let me tell you, Ted is in his element! He has been pointing out places he used to hang out, the place he was baptized, the places he worked, his first church, places he went to school, etc. Although most of the time, I was unable to actually see the places, due to the enormous and countless trees everywhere! There are so many! We then drove to a river to see salmon, and let me tell you they were huge!  Ted told me that those weren’t even the largest, the king salmon I guess are huge!
I’ll just wrap it up to say, we are already enjoying our time here. More pictures to come!
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3 thoughts on “Our Alaska Travels

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad you arrived. Yesterday was one of the beautiful days here. We have been having lots of rain. Call us! 745-4694 is our home phone or my cell 232-7331! We can’t wait to see you guys!The Kettlers


  2. Nynk. says:

    Hi Ted and Jami! Im glad u enjoy Alaska so much after the hard times of learning u had! Hows the infections? Well, have a good time up there!!Love,Nynk


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