Walking My Talk.

( Okay, so I know I literally just wrote the blog below. I didn’t want it to go on and on, so bare with me on this one! )

Another attack we feel is in my health, yet again.
On the return of our Febraury outreach, I got very ill with first stomach sickness and then bronchitis for almost three months. My asthma was terrible inflared and painful.

This time around, I have strange infections. The night we returned to Denver I stepped on a carpet tack strip and three of the tacks peirced my skin, one becoming terribly infected. That was almost a month ago, and here I am on antibiotics, a gimp, and with my cheap attempt of a bandage on my heel.

Then to top things off, before I began my antibiotics my wedding ring finger became infected from my allergies to my wedding band. (Yup, im allergic to my forever to be worn band!) This immediately flared up into a nasty pus- infection just as my foot.

I am now on antibiotics, and learning A LOT. I’m learning a lot about infections, and facts and myths on how to clean them…but that is not what I am talking about.

I am learning a ton about how much God wants me to walk the talk. I can write a novel on wanting and longing to trust God unconditionally, but truly…walking this out when times like these come, it another novel in and of itself.

I’m learning with everything coming our way, God is saying
“Hey trust me despite how great, bad, or ugly this situation may be. I’m trusting you to trust in Me.”

We by no means have this nailed down. But we’re loving the lesson. Seriously, this has been one of the most eye opening times for me.

Walking my talk.

One thought on “Walking My Talk.

  1. Bowker Family says:

    Can I just say that you inspire me? You make me want to be a better person, a better lover of Jesus and God the Father. What a gift it is to see our children walking with the Lord. There is no greater joy! Have a wonderful trip…and don’t forget to take your antibiotics everyday!!! Always and blessed to be your Madre’


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