Unconditional Trust.

It comes as less of a shock each time. With each attempted blow, we only turn farther in to our Saviours arms. Learning to trust Him unconditionally, with the occasional step outside of our refuge, thinking “we can do this on our own strength”. (Think again, silly ones.)

I wrote the blog below, as Ted and I are both being challenged to trust God unconditionally.
Honestly, since being back we have been hit with the most outrageous situations, ones which we think cannot possibly get any worse and yet they do.

Are current home sweet home, is in the basement of a YWAMer (& 2 other staff above). It is such a blessing to live with a kind of “family” (consisting of four boys & me), and especially ones who are in the same boat as us. It is encouraging.

Before outreach we let our apartment know (verbally) that we were leaving the country, that our place was cleaned out, that we were turning in our “30 days notice” in and we would turn our keys in on the day our lease was up (Aug. 10). We actually spoke with them twice before outreach, and it turns out, due to our ignorance of a written notice, it doesn’t matter how many times we tell them verbally that we are turning in our 30 days notice…they need it on paper. It was not their obligation to share this with us.

Needless to say we are paying for it now. We are currently still paying two rents totally out to $1,500 for rents. And can I just say, God has been incredibly good to us. He has blessed us this month with more support than we normally get.

Why am I writing? Surprisingly not for the reason you may be thinking but instead for your PRAYERS. We need them right now, hardcore.

Ted and I have spent a lot of time in prayer, because we know that we are being attacked. In one of the things the apartment manager said, really struck us and we immediately felt the enemy in this all. They knew we are missionaries, and told us to “just go and ask your church for more money”. Can’t you feel the enemy in this?!

But we are not of those who shrink back.
There were times when sitting with the managers when our flesh wanted to raise our voice, fight for this, I won’t deny that, but we walked away knowing God will settle this however He so chooses.

Thanks for listening to my babblin. I just needed to share.
Love you.
Jami Joann

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