A Brutal Tuesday Morning.

This morning I awoke rather chipper and ready to go!
As Ted and I headed off to work, I looked up at the mountains in front me and gasped at what I read.

In huge bold, white letters I read: Destroy Unborn Children
My stomach dropped, it literally made me feel sick.

I’m still unsure why this was written, maybe as a joke (one which I find not at all funnny), or maybe it was written because this week is the Democratic Convention. I don’t know.

I just want to off of the beautiful mountain.
I realize again with a great sadness, this is the fallen world in which we live.

(It’s interesting…the desk I’m at has a beautiful photo of Tiffany Johnson, and it hit me that right now, instead of being all angry at the world, she would be praying for the people who did this….and that is what I need to do. That is what stops these types of things from going down.)

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