Alone Time.

Well, it’s my first official day off.

Ted and his buddies woke me around 5 am, as they rounded their camping gear up and flew out the door with excitement. Their about to reach the ultimate camping experience…
A week long survival camp. I didn’t go because it’s a guy trip…well and I’ll admit right now to me, it sounds insane. It’s raining (i love the rain, just not sleeping wet) and we just got back from outreach.
Pray for him! I’m thinking with my wifey-thoughts and worry here and there. Pray for safety.
Well, me… I’m sitting home alone on our orange pokadot couch, eating spiral mac & cheese.
If you know me, you know I love me alone time. I love peace and quiet. I refuel alone.
This time is been hard! I miss the Ted chilling on the couch next to me as I read or write. And I miss our 11 team members. We’ve been with them 24/7 the past few months, so this time alone time is sad.
At first when I found out Ted would be gone for our week of vacation, and the team obviously gone, and then my two friends away, one in the mountains and one in Jordan. I was so extremely sad. Not to mention a broke down car and an expired drivers license. (Pray the rain stops here and their so I can walk and bike places!)
I like finding a reason and purpose for the way things work out, and I realized this week if
p e r f e c t for me. I mean it’s sad right now, in this moment…but I really feel like this week will be a great time for me and my first love.
GOD! I’m actually very excited!! I plan on spending a lot of this week with Him!!
I figure I can either pout and be pitiful all week, or make the most of this time.
Please pray I choose making the most of it!
Love you!
Jami Joann

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