Sisaket (a very delayed blog)


We are currently in the village of Sisaket working with ‘We love Isaan’. Each weekday morning we spend teaching english and playing games at the village school. Our afternoons are spent working on what is called a reading room which will be used as a means of teaching english to the children in the village. We’ve already begun work on games on extending the buidling here and renovating the current one to fit their future needs.
We’ve spent this week mixing concrete and laying cement for a kitchen, bathrooms, and sidewalk, a lot of painting indoors and out, building a roof, walls, deoing all of the plumbing, tiling, etc…and al thai style which takes a BIT longer than we do in the USA.
The team is pretty exhausted from the work, but mostly from the spiritual atmosphere here. As a whole, we’ve been struggling with sleep, with our times with God, and in relationship with the people we are staying with. We spent this morning (monday) reflecting on the past week and our team could really use your prayers. In selaphum, we were able to building relationship easily with the people around us despite the language, and here it has been a lot harder.
Casey (the man with the vision of We Love Isaan) and his family are the only christians in this village of 100 families. And you can feel the spiritual oppression surrounding this village. One ray of light in this village is the children, wide eyed and ready to learn about Christ. The children flock to their home each day with a longing to play with the fah- rangs (foriegners) and the impact that Casey’s family has had here is definetly evident among the children’s lives. Please pray that this continues and that the children will come to Christ and affect their families with His love in a deep, life changing way!
We leave this saturday, so until then we will finish working on the projects we started last week!
Prayer requests:
“Choosing it” daily
Against fear
Walking in victory in Christ
Love you guys!

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