Another Delayed Update!

I’m sorry that we did not update for our week 5 of outreach!

We spent our last week in Thailand in Bangkok, and two days on an island called Kho Samet. Here we spent our debriefing and relaxing after 4 weeks of outreach. It was relaxing, but the morning saying goodbye to Thailand was a sad one for most.
We did arrive back in the states on July 31st. It was a relief to land in LA after 18 hours of flying! Many of the team spent our time traveling with upset stomachs, not to mention a baby who cried for most of the flight, and a man who snored so loud his seat shook each time! Needless to say, we were thrilled to finally land!
We then drove to the LA base, grabbed our van and took off for Vegas. Ted begged the team not to sleep during the drive so we would be able to sleep the night through and fight off our jet lag. Within the first 20 minutes Ted looked back to find all but one student sleeping (including me!) His attempt to wake us all up failed and most only woke for bathroom stops along the way…and surprisingly we are still fighting Jet lag :)
Saturday we began a day of work with YWAM Las Vegas at their newest location called The Pier. The base here has a heart and vision to reach out to the people in need in Vegas, so with God’s help they were able to purchase a massive old drug rehabilitation building located in West Las Vegas (aka the Ghetto). The building had been vacant for 2 years before they purchased it about 9 months ago, and during the vacancy many homeless used the facility as their home: sleeping, eating, stealing copper pipes, and all of the outdoor air conditioners. It has been a struggle for the base since purchasing it, to keep everything safe and hidden!
The guys are actually sleeping in that location. So please pray for their safety. A few weeks before someone has broken into the pier and stolen all of the staff members clothing, wallet, and guitar all while he was sleeping in the room. Another staff member decided to tell me all of the statistics of what goes on there, and I walked away ecstatic about where we decided to house our guys…and my husband! (note: sarcasm)
During our days here, we will be working at the Pier. Our team began a deep clean yesterday and it should take another 3 or 4 days to completely finish cleaning, and moving everything in. Our evenings will be downtown Vegas doing street evangelism and prayer on “the strip”. Please pray for energy and passion for the team! Everyone wants to finish this outreach strong, but the jet lag is really kicking us hard right now.
We do have one very serious prayer request about a student. While we were on the island swimming, most of the students were fine with the amount of sun we got, but one student (Garrett) got a very bad burn. In face we took him to the emergency room yesterday because we have never seen anything like this before. Even the pre-med student (Josiah) on our team, said you only see “that sort of thing” in a medical book. The doctor says he has a second degree burn, an infection in the burn, and sun poisoning! Today we are taking him to a burn clinic to get it taken care of. He is in a lot of pain, but his attitude is still bright. Please pray for healing!
Other than the burn and our jet lag our team is doing great!
We leave for Denver August 7th!
Love you!
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