Traveling Times.

Hey Family!

Here we are about to finish with Week 3 of outreach. How time flies! Today ( Friday) we finished working at a local thai school where we’ve spent the past four days teaching english to grades 1-6. The team really enjoyed the challenge, the games, and the children and all of them did very well! And most realized just because you can speak english doesn’t mean teaching english comes easy…it was a good challenge and they we’re quite amazing with the creative ways in which they taught.

Three evenings of this week we hosted an english camp for 35 compassion international children. Most of our time was spent playing games to enhance the little english some of the children knew. This was difficult at times, but for the most part, fun. The team was able to spend some quality time with the children, and truly making an impact in their lives for the better.

Tomorrow morning (Sat) we head out by bus for Sisaket, where we will be working with a new ministry called We Love Isaan. There we will begin with teaching english at a local Thai school, as well as a few projects and some activites and games with the children. Our afternoons will be filled with a lot of manual labor, which the team is looking forward to. Well, at least right now they are. Please pray that this enthusiasm lasts each day!

Thanks for taking the time praying for us! Oh, and last week i forgot to mention that some of the team is having difficulty sleeping at night! Please pray for deep sleep and good rest!

More prayer requests:
Energy, God’s grace, strength, flexibility, patience with each other, health, and travel.


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