The Beauty of Thailand.

Hello Friends and Family!

This week began with a 8 hour bus ride over night to Selapume. We arrived early morning at the home of our translator Teek. Her family has started many ministries to help the surrounding village area. It has been such a blessing to stay with a peaceful christian family, dedicated to serving and loving others. Not to mention the food which is amazing.

Week day mornings our team split into two groups; group one working with children at the hosts’ home (daycare-like) and group two going to a leper village and one morning of work on a farm. Working with children (ages 1-5) who speak only thai has been interesting, but most of the team has really enjoyed the time with them. The minsitry working with people with leporasy actually ended up being slightly different than we thought. The majority of the time spent in the village was just hanging out with the people and asking them questions. It was actually a lot of fun, and most of the people were very excited to see us and speak with us.

Our weekday afternoons were spent doing dramas, testimonies, games, and activities at three local Thai elementary schools. The team has has done wonderful time pressing in despite the heat, really putting their whole heart into the dramas, skits, and activities. After the dramas, skits, etc. most of the focus would be on getting our photo, or shaking our hands, and honestly treating us like celebrities. This part of our day has been somewhat of a struggle. Please pray that as we go out next week, the students would see the meaning behind why we are here, and most importantly be able to see Jesus through our lives.

Most evenings here have been spent teaching english to our host and the staff of their ministry. This has been somewhat challenging at times, but very fun once we begin making conversation and really getting to know each other. In our free time some of the young staff hang around to play games, guitar or to chat.

Next week we will be teaching english 6-8 hours a day, so please pray for us!! We will be leaving selapume saturday and heading farther north to Sisaket where we will work with a new ministry called we love isaan.

Thanks for your prayers!

Prayer requests:

Jami Joann

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