Breaking of the Heart.

Sawadeekah from the Land of Smiles!

After an 18 hour drive from Denver to LA and approximately 20 hours of flying, we’re glad to say we’ve finally made it to Thailand!
Our main focus this week has been night ministry in the Red Light District. We are working with a ministry called MST (Male Sex Tourism), a project dedicated to reach the men who come to Thailand primarily for the sex industry. Each evening our team takes time to intercede about where to go, and what God is speaking to us specifically about the men we might meet. Once downtown, we split into groups of three and spread out amongst the red light district, asking men to take anonymous surveys. About 40% of the men are curious and stop. The survey has a list of questions such as: what country they come from, age, religion, and most importantly their views on prostitution and how informed they are about HIV/AIDS in Thailand. After the survey we ask them if they are interested in receiving a packet about HIV/AIDS, a story of a former bar girl, and a story of a former costumer, both of whom God redeemed. About 20% of the 40% who stop take the packet.
It’s really not about the surveys or even the packets, but about relating to these hurting me, and being someone to listen to them, and show them we truly care. Most of them men have such a seeking heart, and a hunger and most shockingly a desire for something more satisfying then what they have found here. Most often when we hear about the red light district as Christians, we can’t help but feel compassion in our hearts for the women. Sometimes we forget the men are hurting, seeking, and in need of Christ’s love as well. It’s been a struggle for the team, to see them as Christ would, but God is truly beginning to break our hearts for these men.
Unfortunately our day ministry while in Bangkok fell through two days before we arrived. Instead of working in rehabilitation homes for former bar girls, we have done one day of painting and cleaning, and most of our days here have been spent in prayer and intercession, worship, and a lot of team bonding.  Our team was pretty disappointed at first but we’ve all begun to see the change of plans was definitely God. We really needed this week of prayer and preparation for our time here.
We leave Bangkok tonight at 6pm (5am MST time). We will be taking an 8 hour bus ride overnight to Selapume (Northeastern Thailand) where we will be spending the next 2 weeks and then heading a bit further east for another 2 weeks. We’ll explain in more detail later about our ministries there.
Thank you so much for your prayers, they are what uplift us while we’re out here! Our team is one week in and doing wonderful!
Prayer Requests:
  • Team unity
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Against exhaustion & distraction
  • Taking every thought captive
Love, Jami Joann

One thought on “Breaking of the Heart.

  1. Anonymous says:

    i will def. pray for you guys! what you are doing is amazing. could you explain a little more what the red light district is? very interesting!! LOVE U GUYS! luv danielle


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