Fullness of Joy

This morning as our team had prayer and intercession, I couldn’t help but feel the presence and the fullness of the joy of Christ. We all could.

It was incredible to say the least.
I know that during our time here God is going to do such a work in us, and in those that we reach around us. God is really speaking to our team, and working in our hearts and preparing us for great things. Both personally and for the people we come in contact with.
Personally God has really been speaking to me about where my focus is. And to Ted God has been speaking about where he is allowing God to reign and where he is not. It’s been amazing to see how these two are linked together, but we both are also growing separately as well.
I was writing in my journal a prayer yesterday when I wrote something my mind did not even think about. When I read what I wrote I was shocked. What had been on my mind I began to write, but what had been on God’s mind for me to see is something else. I literally did not intend to write what I ended up writing.
As soon as I read the words, God spoke to me. Telling me not to try and transform Ted or the team or people around me into who God is creating ME to be. I realized that I had been putting Ted and people into a box and trying to form them into me.
It was pretty straight forward, and opened my eyes for sure. I am very excited to move forward knowing what I have been doing and changing this area in my life.
If you could pray for me in this area. I would love that a lot.
I need to run.
Jami Joann

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