Prayer Request.

So you may be wondering...”What ever happened with the home situation?”

Long story as short as I can make it… we did end up getting the best possible option for Ted and I and our needs, wants, & even desires!
It’s a funny thing really. As much as we are thrilled that God has provided us with a home that we love, we are also slightly worried because for two months while on outreach we will be paying for two rents.
We did have two guys set up to live in our apartment since February or so we thought. Well that fell through last week, and now we are left with paying two rents.
We’ve asked around trying to find someone to live in one or even people for both homes. If you guys know of anyone (if you live close) that needs a place, please let us know!!
Ted and I spent two days praying and seeking God in this decision and He led us to commit to our new home. So we are stepping out! Here we go!
We had to start paying now for our new home in order to have a place called home when we come back from outreach, otherwise many other people were looking at taking it.
We will be living with three of Ted’s friends, all YWAM Denver staff. They will have the upstairs rooms and the basement if ours! It is such a great deal and $100 cheaper than our rent now.
We were looking for another place because our lease at our apartment it up August 10, 2 days after we get back from Thailand.
Please pray for:
  • People to commit to living in our apartment before we leave, even if it is just one of our homes.
  • Ted and I to get our apartment cleaned out completely and moved into our new home before outreach without stress.
  • Our rent at the apartment not to be high (unfortunately this always fluctuates which should be illegal, but somehow it always happens.)
  • We will trust God.
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