A Lesson of Trust.

Sometimes challenges reacquire over and over and over again, until you finally stand still and realize, there is a lesson to be learned.
Now I am by no means saying God is cruel, and brings problems in our lives to “teach us a lesson” on how to “get it right”. But when these challenges arise, we can see that there is a lesson to be learned! God does work through the bad things or rough things to show us there is good that will come out of this.
Our most recent reaquiring challenge is financially. (By the way, this is by no means meant to be a manipulative way of saying send us money!!) When I say recent, I mean from the very moment we said, “I do.” Interesting huh?
I have seen the way the enemy has tried to disunify Ted and I right away in marriage and I’m honestly not surprised. They actually say one of the most common reasons for divorce is financial…. You’d think the enemy would be a little trickier, but really he’s not at all. Pretty predictable.
Ted & I were talking the other day about situations we are in right now financially, and realized this very thing. We have been challenged in this area since we’ve bee married. We’ve come to realize we need this! We are called to this kind of living, as missionaries and we should stand on what God has asked of us, and trust him! If God has called you He will provide and give us his grace to get through things.
So the lesson we are learning, and yes we are just now opening our eyes to see, we need to trust Him. Not a trust which comes and goes, but one that never fails because he never fails.
If we could trust God and be faithful, then we will go so far! (I’m not just talking to myself here, this could apply really in anything!)
T R U S T Him for He is worthy of our trust. He longs for us to fully rely upon Him.
Not by our strength! (thank goodness huh?)
I’m actually going to post another blog up top right now. So you’re getting a lot of info today!
Love, Jami Joann

Photo: a cup of reflection tea. Taken by us last year on a weekend camping trip.

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