Home Sweet… Help!

Hey Friends and Family!

We are in need of your prayer again. I’ll try to make this short, simple, and sweet!
Ted and I are renting a one bedroom apartment as of right now. Our lease is up August 1st which is exciting for us, because it is too high in price a month plus we really want to live with YWAMers or a family. So we have been weighing our options, praying and trying to decide which place would be best between two choices we have.
The most reasonable place for us is with a group of YWAM staff in a home (which is what we prayed God would give us). We would get the entire basement to ourselves and it would be around $100 – $200 cheaper than where we are now. A blessing!
We would move in the home now, but we have a dilemma
The two guys who were going to rent our place until the lease was up, well, it’s no longer looking like this will be happening. All up in the air as of right now. So we would be stuck this summer paying two rents, and actually being on outreach in Thailand and not living in either of the places.
My prayer request is this… please pray, not for more support, but for people who want to rent our apartment until the lease is through.
Thank you SO much for your prayers. Your prayer support is what helps us in urgent, sometimes overwhelming times like these.
Love you guys!
Jami & Ted
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One thought on “Home Sweet… Help!

  1. Joel says:

    Alright, I’ll keep you guys in prayer. I know this will work out for you. Also, I have skype now. My screen name is just joelhermansen. Easy enough to remember. Anyway, I don’t know if Ted checks this, so could you tell him my screen name so he can add me? Thanks! I wish I could hang out with you guys. We can call, email, and skype, but it’s just not the same as hanging out. Nothing needs to be said when you’re hanging out. You just enjoy each other’s company. Anyway, I love and miss you guys.


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