Ever since the moment in which we prayed and decided to join the Timothy Team, we have felt the attack of the enemy.
Ted and I have felt the enemy working against our lives, honestly stronger than ever. Pushing from every side, trying to touch us, to harm us. In relationship with others, in working as missionaries, in our marriage, in our finances, in our normal daily activities and responsibilities.
During worship I was feeling the oppression more than ever, the presence of the enemy which made me literally shiver. All I could do was whisper the name of our sweet Saviour Jesus, and that in that moment I realized something so very profound, something I have heard many times before.

The enemy has been defeated.
It hit me all of a sudden, the presence of the enemy is nothing in comparison to the presence of our God. Nothing in comparison! He reminded me again, of what he revealed to me a few weeks before. “I never leave you, or forsake you.” He’s never stepped away from Ted and I, He’s been here all along.
The interesting thing is this: the enemy never actually touched us. God never let us fall down and not stand back up, He never let the enemy touch even a hair on us.
When I realized that we had been recognizing the presence of the enemy more than we had of our God, that was the moment in which I felt peace. Ultimate peace.
I heard this story once before, which rocked my perspective on this subject. A man went to bed one night and as he lay there he could feel the presence of someone or something in the room with him, so he turned to see who it was. He say the enemy standing next to his bed, and stated, “Oh it’s just you.” and rolled over and went to bed.
We don’t need to fear the enemy, we need to recognize he is honestly powerless in our lives if we are in Christ. Even death couldn’t hold Christ down. amen!

What a mighty God we serve!!

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