Timothy Team.

Alright, well I did have every good intention in writing an updated blog on our newest change of plans, and obviously it has been a while since I’ve done just that! “It’s the thought that counts” right? No, probably not! :) I’m so sorry!

You don’t need to watch suspense movies, just read our blog!
(We are NOT pregnant, although we both would love a baby. Im so sorry if your hopes were up for that! )
What I was referring to is this…about a month ago now, we were asked by the directors of the base, if we would consider joining a leadership team called “Timothy Team“. We both had a feeling this was coming, considering the fact that we’d been on staff two years and maintained a good integrity in leadership which are criteria for joining. We also both thought we knew, that we would be saying no to this opportunity. Why? Because it was a 2 year commitment and we were only planning on staying another year here in Denver.
So Peter Warren asked us to pray about it and gave us 5 days until we needed to let him know. So we were like, “we already know, but we’ll pray anyhow”. So we did just that, and sure enough God changed up our plans of “hitting the road” next year to joining Timothy Team. We were praying all the way up to the moment in which Peter asked us for an update.
We both really had a lot of confirmation through our prayers and the prayers of others. So we decided to stay another year on staff. Which means until March of 2010 we will have a commitment here in Denver.
What is Timothy Team? Well, it is an opportunity for staff, selected by the leadership of the base, to get together and discuss YWAM Denver, potential possibilities and changes, a time of growing together and individually, and a time to ask Peter and Linda questions about the base, why it runs a certain way, etc. The part about the Timothy Team which we love is growing in our leadership skills, having more authority to speak up about certain things, and the opportunities that may come our way with leadership here in Denver.
We wondered and in some ways are still wondering why God would ask us to stay another year, when our heart is to live overseas and to travel. He is slowly opening our eyes to see exactly why He has us here. He’s been challenging us to be a good example to new staff and students, and to raise our standards and integrity to a higher level.
Also, one amazing thing is Peter Warren knows our heart to go “out” and he gave his blessing and said when these two years are up he would love to send us out with a blessing. It was nice to hear!
One verse we got while praying was in Habakuk 2:2-4 which read:
Then the Lord answered me and said:
“Write the vision and make it plain on tablets. That he who reads it may run with it, for the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Behold the proud His soul is not upright in Him but the just shall live by his faith.”
It was an interesting verse to come upon, because at the time in which we recieved it, sitting in our little apartment just the two of us, we read it and were like “no…surely not” you know?
We read it again later and shared it with others and realized what God was speaking. We actually do not have our vision planned out, we do not actually know exactly where God wants us to be or travel to and from. We feel like God is telling us to stay, really just one more year than we planned, and in that year he will show us and guide us with our vision and dreams. He will not let it tarries. It is yet for an appointed time. We also know God is going to challenge us in many ways, he already has. In our integrity and what we know he has placed in our hearts.
The temptation, is being comfortable with where we are. It’s a fear and temptation we face, sometimes daily. I think the reason why it’s hard for us, it because we are called overseas to raise awareness of the injustices of the world. So for us, this setting here can sometimes be difficult.

For others, it may be their calling or the lifestyle which suits them best. We love how diverse and unique each individual is! God has placed people all over the world, and sometimes the more overseas- minded people forget that America is also apart of the mission field.
Interesting thought huh? I actually have a friend right now that is working in the states at refugee camps. I was so ignorant that I didn’t even realize they had camps here in the states. I couldn’t believe just how naive I really was. Then Ted shared with me about how there are many Afghan families here in Denver, in fact there are 4,000 in Denver alone!
Alright I just saw the time and I need to head out. We love you all very much!
Jami Joann

One thought on “Timothy Team.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Blessings to you both in all that God has called you to and what He intends to do through you in the future…Madre


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