A Wonderful, Shocking Surprise.

We are leading a Thailand outreach in June off of this Spring school!! Can you believe it? I feel as though we just returned from the beautiful country (well, i guess we did). It is unreal to us, and we were not at all expecting this! What a blessing!!

This team is completely opposite of our last experience. What do I mean by this? Well, for one, the budget it $1,000 less per student, which for the students is amazing, and as a team…a very tight budget. Secondly, we will be traveling shorter distances, due to the financial side of things, and we will actually be staying in more rural villages rather than in the big cities. Which honestly, Ted and I are thrilled for this. I believe the students will really enjoy this as well.

We do not have anything set in stone, and even if we did I probably at this point wouldn’t write to share because things can change so quickly and easily. For example, as of right now we are okay to lead the team to Thailand, though the budget is very tight. We will need to be completely frugal in our spending on housing, food, transportation and such. IF for some reason YWAM does not think Thailand will work with this budget, then we will most likely be asked to lead somewhere in South America.

Ted and I are willing to lead anywhere, but our heart and our goal is to head back to Thailand. Now that we have already experienced the culture once, we feel ready to lead this team to the same country, yet with a entirely different experience.

Prayer Requests:
  • We will begin to call travel agencies to find the cheapest tickets possible tomorrow. Please pray for favor!
  • Guidance in where to take the team, and what ministries to work with while we are in Thailand.
  • Guidance in how to be frugal as we began to budget everything in.
  • Our students coming in on Monday. Please pray for immediate team unity! (We had such an amazing team unity last time and would love to see that once again)
  • We have 11 students who are international students. Incredible yes, but it does make it a bit hard for us as we begin to get Visas for each.  (by the way it is very rare to have over half the students be international, we love it!)
  • Peace for Ted and I.
  • Balance with our daily jobs, as leaders outreach and small group, as a couple, and with the Lord first and foremost!

We love you! Thank you for standing with us through prayer and/or your financial support! \
Love, Jami Joann

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