We Plan, He Directs.

Have you ever planned for something, thought it to be set in stone, and have it totally change right before your eyes?

Well the last blog that was written, is basically completely changed in almost every way. So scratch it.

Ted and I are now on the Discipleship Training School staff as small group leaders, once again. My first thought when I heard this news was, “Yes!!” and then my second thought…”Wait, God what about our season?” and I was quickly reminded of how God is working in us to be more relational with his children, why not lead a small group and learn to love, lead, and really relate with people as Christ would.

As for Ted and I…we are almost coming up on our 1st year anniversary. About three months now, crazy huh? We have walked through so much this year in learning what it means to love. Love is unbelievable when you love as Christ loves. When you are selfish,well it’s undesirable, you know?

We both have really grown a lot, even in the past 2 weeks, in our love relationship. Seeing each other in who they are in Christ, encouraging each other in our strengths and challenging each other in weaknesses. We do have our down times as well, we have by no means perfected this! (Many of you married folks are probably laughing right now). If you have any advice for us, please, please let us know!

Another prayer request:
We are also leading a youth retreat the weekend of the first school. Totally unrelated to YWAM. A couple here, asked Ted and I to pray about leading this at their church. Right now the church does not have a youth ministry running, and their are about a dozen teens needing leadership.

Ted and I do not feel led t lead the youth group, we do not feel like this is for us. Yet, we are leading the youth retreat. We are leaving on Friday evening and coming back on Sunday afternoon. Ted and I will be leading them in bonding activities, as well as many “sessions” that we will teach on relationship with God, peer pressure, purity, and their dreams and goals.

Please pray for us, as we still have to put together the weekend! Please pray for us as we meet the students, and also begin working in our new departments.

Once I know what Ted is doing officially, aside from leading a small group and outreach, I will let you know. We are curious too!!

Love you, thanks for reading our blog!

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