A New Season

We begin again! Another season of changes, challenges, and growth headed our way.

Beginning on March 31st, four new schools roll in; A Phase 2 leadership program, a School of Worship, a regular DTS and an around the World DTS.

Ted and I are still awaiting the moment where we get called into the personnel office and told if we will or will not be working with a school this spring. We are pretty sure that they are not putting us on a school staff. The reason why: we are traveling to Alaska!

The most opportune time to travel to Alaska, for Ted’s family and his friends, would be the beginning of April. So for the first two weeks of April we will be in the beautiful state of AK! The downside of that would be the fact that since we will be gone for the first two weeks of the schools, we cannot work directly with the schools as small group leaders.

We’ve talked about this, and both agree that it is for the best. We feel like this is a new season we are entering, one of a lot more growth, a lot more challenge and change. So we are okay with the thought of taking a break for three months from deeply discipling students. God has really stirred in our hearts for us to work on our relationships with our friends and staff, we look forward to this!

This is a small season for Ted and I to grow deeper in our relationship with God, which will ultimately lead us into a deeper relationship with each other.

Also, Ted has not been home for two and a half years now, and he misses it greatly! He is very excited to show off his home, the places he grew up, and the beautiful land.

A few things we do now for sure… I (Jami) will be working, once again, in the kitchen office as the assistant. I worked there about a year ago this spring, so I have an idea of what the job entails. I will mostly be working on the menu, and meal instructions. Planning the menu, but mostly working on putting the meal recipes together for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

I remember last year I was planning our wedding while doing this very job, so when we do have down time, it is pretty awesome. I remember this job is very up and down, meaning when we are busy we are really busy, and when we aren’t there is nothing to do.

So, what will I be doing to make the most of my time, since I am not planning a wedding, you may ask? Well, I hope to be planning an outreach to Thailand.

Many of you know, for those of you who do not…Ted and I loved Thailand and want to return this summer with more students. As of right now we are working on what is called an outreach proposal. We just put together the dates, the times, the cost, the budget, the housing, food, ministry and let them know our heart, and they pray about it and talk amongst the elders and decide.

This is a h u g e prayer request! Please pray that we will be able to lead this outreach, and hopefully this summer!

Another prayer request, on the smaller side of things…Ted and I recently invested in a YMCA membership. We were given a huge deal since we are YWAMers, so that is a blessing. The prayer request is: discipline! Many of you may have noticed the weight we both have gained since being together. We both really feel led to be healthy again. So please pray for us, as this is a huge transition from eating whatever we want, whenever we want to being aware of our health.
Thanks for taking the time to read my rambles!

Love, Jami Joann

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One thought on “A New Season

  1. Joel says:

    I’m sad you guys can’t come to Alaska. Maybe you guys can visit me in Cali. I just bought ONCE. Good stuff. I bet you and Ted could write some cool songs…maybe you’ll be the next ONCE with Ted filming and all. Ha, I know that’s not your main thing, but maybe you could do something on the side sometime. Later. ~Joel


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