Beautiful Peace.

Ted and I are now back to work at the Arvada base. It has been an interesting time transitioning.
Transitions with many colours of emotion, time, and energy. The good, the Best, and the Ugly:
  • being newlyweds and immediately working on school staff.
  • living up at Eagle rock since September until december.
  • each having a small group.
  • losing dear friends and immediately leaving for outreach.
  • experiencing the beautiful culture and people of Thailand.
  • eating, sleeping, and traveling with 27 people.
  • traveling back to the states.
  • moving back into our lovely, quiet apartment.
  • saying goodbye to our small group students.
  • taking a tiny vacation mostly consisting of sleeping, cafes, friends, and family.
  • coming back to work at the base.
*Note: most of the transitions above have honestly been challenging but very growing for us. God always works things out for good, it is true!
Ted and I had a little date at lunch time, and it has been amazing to see how God is continually working in each of us. It has been challenging, in fact, the past four months have been some of the most character challenging months for us both.
One very difficult thing, which we came back to in Denver, was feeling like it was “odd” in Denver. The first week we arrived at YWAM we were surprised to find people at the base really living life like the shooting never happened. We honestly made some assumptions, wondering why it seemed like everyone was “hush” about even taking of how they were doing.
After talking to an elder, realized that many of the staff have already went through the grieving and have really moved on,  and others have been struggling and are being counseled.
For Ted and I, it is still fresh to us. On outreach, we really just moved into our outreach mode as leaders. I’m not sure if that was a good or a bad thing, I kind of feel like it was a mixture of both at times. Now that we are back, the first two weeks were a bit rough around the edges. We were on what seemed like a roller coaster with our emotions.
I can gladly say that now, Ted and I are doing well. We are still working through a lot in our hearts and minds right now, dealing with the shooting and the reality that Phil and Tiff are no longer with us. The reality has really hit us hard, being back at the base for good now.
We are determined to talk when things in our minds and hearts and emotions come up. To cry and to laugh when we need to. We are determined to really seek after what God calls us to, in loving everyone and not judging their hearts. We are determined to really move forward in our callings, and in our dream of heading overseas.
We both really feel the peace of Christ and how faithful God is in loving us, even when we are unfaithful. Isn’t God amazing in His pursuit and continuous love for us? Oh golly.
I guess, since you have read this, then you probably know how to pray for us. If you would like to pray for us, and for everything we are working through, and if you get a word for us, please let us know!
Thank You so much for welcoming Ted and I back, and being so loving and faithful in your encouragement to us both! It honestly means a lot to us both, and we can feel your prayers.
We love you!
Jami Joann
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One thought on “Beautiful Peace.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I found your inhaler.You left your brown slip-on etnies in my room. I tried to wear them, but I realized that pain occurs when you wear shoes two sizes too small…See you SundayPeaceChachp.s. Did you call Ryan?- (smiles)


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