Jet Lag, Goodbyes, and Snow.

We are back in America, which honestly, in and of itself is a culture shock. After 28 hours of flying, with few hours of sleep in between, we arrived back here in Denver.

As I stood at the Church where our team was required to sleep until graduation the next week, I couldn’t help but dream of what it would be like to sleep in our apartment for the first time in 5 months, and on our comfy bed with our comfy covers…instead of the cold church floor. If it weren’t for the grace of God, I probably would have gone insane! For our apartment was literally three minutes away, but since we were technically still on our last week of outreach, the leaders were required to spend the night as well. Every evening in the church was spent with Ted and I trying to quiet the louder of the students, and early mornings we were awaken from our jet lag of 14 hours difference. Meaning, most of the Thailand team would wake around 4 am! Imagine the exhaustion amidst the students and staff there! God’s grace is good though, and somehow we managed to survive.
Culture shock in America…our first night back, the team was taken (for free) to Texas Road House for dinner. After leaving the airort we immediately drove to the restaurant for dinner. I personally knew it would not be a good idea for two reasons: one, we were all exhausted, and two: the food would literally go right through us!
For me, that is when i was struck again with culture shock. On Ted’s outreach to Bolivia and his trip to Afghanistan and my outreach to Indonesia and Malaysia…we talked and realized that the culture shock for us, was when we arrived in america. Ironic huh?
From the moment we arrived until this day, I have had major stomach problems and have actually lost more weight coming back to Denver than I did in Thailand! It’s honestly not healthy at all and really causing me to be even more exhausted. Ted has been really sick too. On Valentines day is when his hit, though this time, it’s  not his stomach. He has a horrible cough, and sore throat, as well as jet lag. If you think of us, please pray for us.
Also, YWAM Denver only gives outreach leaders 3 days off after returning from outreach, and unless you have vacation days, then three is all you will get. Ted and I still aren’t sleeping a whole night through and plus we are both sick, so please pray for God’s strength! We hope to have Wednesday through Sunday next week off. If that happens, then there is a huge chance that we will be at church in one week to see you all!
One thing I do enjoy is going to local coffee shops and chai tea, especially amidst this cold (not tropical) weather! In fact that is where I am right now!
Well I need to run, I will post our photos and a video from outreach that Ted and I created!
Love you all!

One thought on “Jet Lag, Goodbyes, and Snow.

  1. Joel says:

    Rock on, coffee shop sister! That’s where I’m at right now. Do you have a favorite cafe? Mine here is Kaladi Brothers…there’s a lovely view of the mountains. I had my first cafe gig yesterday. Ted, I finally did it! Anyway, I can totally relate to the reverse culture shock. I remember getting back from India…at the movie theater, I thought a kid holding popcorn was trying to sell his popcorn to people. Pretty funny. Have a nice day!


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