Jami’s Sweet Small Group.

Our bittersweet week of goodbyes. Ted and I had to say goodbye to our beloved smallgroups,which was hard. My first small group, and i LOVE these two so very much! So our last small group time we decided to head to a coffee shop, and do a small group photo shoot. We had such a blast, and I thought i would share this with you.

We brought out the best of each other this day.



Sawadii-kaw, traditional thai greeting.

In the past 5 months, it was a privelage to watch them grow in their identity and love.

Even in the moments of your greatest weakness, He is strong and uses you still. What a gracious, loving God we serve. I learned a lot in my time as a small group leader. A lot about what to do in the future, how to listen to God for guidance and how to really trust Him in using you, and showing you were to grow in small group leading. It was a humbling experience and I will never forget these two wonderful women of God. It was so difficult here and there, but i know I can now say…I can’t wait to have another small group!

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