Sandy Toes.

Our team has now entered our last week in Thailand, it’s so unbelievable how the time has flown! And for Ted and I personally, so sad. Very bittersweet. We were talking last night, about how we could easily spend another 2-4 months here on outreach and even…with this team.

Our team has really been blessed with amazing unity. I mean, there were a few things here or there, but for the most part, it’s been unique! They all get along so well, and with Ted and I too.

Well, you might be wondering…”sandy toes“? Well, for our debrief week, we are on the Island, Kho Samet for three-ish days of relaxation, and one last time to be together as a team.

Ted, myself, Justin and Hillary, have just finished with debriefing each student individually about outreach. We asked them how their experience here has been, good or bad. What would they change about outreach if they could, how we did as leaders, if this has helped with their understanding of missions, and what their future looked like.

It was encouraging to see the responses. Most of the students have really grown from who they once were in DTS and really stepped up in who they are in Christ, with a confidence.

For Ted and I, it was good for us to hear what they would have liked to see different, which their was a lot. Ted and I really want to come back with a team hopefully off of the summer school this years, and we have already made a list of the things we would do differently and that which we would keep the same.

This outreach has proven itself to be one of personal growth for the students, really challenging them to walk in their true identity in Christ, and not in the attitude of old. Our outreach was not your typical, chaotic full time schedule, but one which was more relaxed due to Justin’s leading.

I think the hardest thing for the students, was the fact that many of them did not realize what a short term mission would be like. Many of them expected more…more fruit, more salvations, more minsitry …etc. when in reality short term missions is more about planting seeds, and personal growth. I was encouraged to see most of the students really grow into totally different people. You can even see the change in some of the students faces, which may sounds weird but as we were debriefing, I would really notice it. It is like as new person!

I think as a leader, I can walk away from this outreach feeling completely content. After debriefing, I could at last have a sigh of relief, seeing what we saw in the students.
G R O W T H.

Yes, there will be things that Ted and I will do differently when we lead, but the truth is, when I saw the change in those students, I was completly content with everything that has brought each student to where they are now! It’s incredible!

Well, I need to run. We fly out on thursday morning (Thai time) and arrive in Denver on Thursday evening MST. Please pray for safety in traveling.

Love, Jami Joann

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