Tears in Thailand.

Today we are leaving Chaing Rai, so far our favourite place that we have been to on this trip. It is very, very hard. Wow!

Chaing Rai for us, has been an incredible chance to come to understand the culture of Thailand. Casey Wright, our contact and friend of Ted’s here,  has lived in Thailand for 3 years, so we’ve learned a lot from him! (Besides, he is married to a Thai women, so that helps).
Ted and I have learned a lot about compassion, hospitality, loyalty, friendship, and love while being here. We have been challenged in many ways on this outreach: in leadership, in marriage, in communication, in our character, in our weakness, and in our strengths…basically it would not be an exaggeration to say we’ve been challenged in a little bit of everything!
As we headed out from our guest home, I couldn’t help but cry. It’s hard leaving such a beautiful place and friends. Oh golly.
Please pray for our team as we head out tonight for a 12ish hour bus ride. I’m not sure if we’ll have internet our last week, so we shall see. If so, then I will update you with more photos, for i have a lot more to share!

2 thoughts on “Tears in Thailand.

  1. Milt & Karen says:

    Dear Ted & Jami,Was thinking of you this morning and checked your blog. It was good to get an update of your ministry. God is definitely writing on the tablet of your hearts! I’m sure this experience is causing you more day by day to cleave to each other and wait on the Lord. Remember as you leave that God’s Word will not return void. May His Name be glorified in your lives!Sending love via the Spirit to you and your team!Karen L. Lesser


  2. Joel says:

    Hey Ted, I thought of you today when i heard a Hillsong song that you showed me last time i was in denver. I miss you guys. I enjoy seeing the cool photos. I’ll be in LA in March for a week to play music with Marian Call. Finally, the whole coffee shop thing is happening! Then, at the end of April, I will drive down to Santa Cruz to do more gigs, work at summer camp, and go to school. I hope our paths cross sooner than later. I love you guys.


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