The Simple Little Things in life.

This morning began with us waking up at the crack of dawn…and with chills from the breeze coming in through the window! Yes, we have chills in Thailand! Amazing, eh?
Side note: The wheather here in Chiang Rai is p e r f e c t. Lovely compared to the humidity we’ve experiened in Phuket and Bangkok alike. The mornings and evenings are cool, sometimes cool enough to cause goosebumps. During the day, it can reach about 75ish though we have yet to experience that.
Yesterday Ted and I found out we would be taking 10 students for the next few days to another project other than HOTOH. I was a little bummed, to be completely honest. Ted and I both have a heart for these children and women, so it was hard to hear we wouldn’t be blessing them as much as we would have liked to.
BUT… there was a chance to bless still…this morning we woke early to head to the boarder of Burma and Thailand. The ministry home is a home for children who are orphaned, or in bad living situations (i.e. on the streets, homeless, bad homes.). Also for mothers who are abused or have bad living situtaions. I can’t say a whole lot about the name of the ministry and the people whom they are helping, for the ministry could get in a lot of trouble. So, with that said, please pray for their safety as they do as God leads!
Once we arrived around 7:30ish, we immediately were put to work. Ted and I both were excited to find our days serving there would be completely filled manual labor for everyone. Pur students did amazing today! Casey Wright, who came along with, said he heard and saw no complaint, which we were proud to here. Amen!! Mostly we just had a blast as we worked!
We were working in an old four story building, a very common way of living in Thailand. The building was completely empty, minus paint buckets and such. We began scrapping the old paint off of the floors and walls, and once that was finished we began painting the walls two different colours, and the cement floor one colour as well. It was a lot of work, but with a lot of laughter, it made time pass a bit faster.
For me personally, I l o v e, to see things accomplished. I never really used to be like this, I get this from my wonderful sweet Madre. So it was incredible to see the new changes that took place to make this home a true home for the women and children seeking shelter.
At one point the team began singing together, and it echoed up from floor number one to floor number 4 where the rest of the team was painting. I was amazed at how well everyone worked together. God really has blessed our Thailand team recently, with student beginning to find who they are, and mostly beginning to believe it to be truth, and walking in that. It’s been awesome to watch, and experience. So moments like today, really encourage my heart.
Let me share with you this funny little story! As we were working, one of the ministry leaders told us that a local icecream man was outside. Sure enough, there was this cute, little elderly man with a “rice hat” on. He served each of us, sticky rice and homemade icream and coconut. It was delicious!! Many had seconds!
After our break I headed back to a stairwell to finish paint the stairs, and soon I looked up to see the little icecream man standing there laughing … at ME. Of course this made me curious, and I said one of the few things I know in Thai…”Sawadee-kah”. He then walked down to me, “asked” for the paint brush with body language, and began showing me how to paint.
I’ll admit, I have no idea what I am doing. This man was amazing. He made my stairs look like a child took a brush to them after seeing his even strokes covering the stair. Anyhow, for about 20 minutes he sat, painting, then having me try. Laughing at me each time I painted. It was a fun experience for me.
The funny thing is, he was so simple. A simple little man, with many talents, I would say. He also stayed and showed a few others on the team how to use rollers, and cut in walls, and even sweep, haha. I just found it ironic how the simple experiences have truly blessed my heart on this outreach. I love how God is so relational, and even being unable to communicate through words with this man, we had a fun time. I’ve come to realize, I love simplicity in life. Those moments that are simple but I will cherish as a memoury.
The other half of the team did go to HOTOH. They spent the day laying cement and a lot of the guys worked on digging a hole for a septic tank. I believe the hole is going to be 6′ by 6′. So pretty large! Please pray for everyone to have energy tomorrow!
Also, quite a few people on the team are sick, and some have been for a while now. Our team began getting sick to their stomaches and now it is colds as well! Chest colds, sore throats, sniffles etc. Please pray for everyone to be healed and be wise in what they are feeding their bodies each day.
Ted is doing awesome with health, by the way! He has an incredible immune system! I still have a cough, which has gotten a little worse. But my stomach is slowly getting better!
Thank You so very much for your prayers (and if you lasted this long, reading this blog!). It means a lot to Ted and I to know you care and are excited to see what God is doing in Thailand. Thank You for your encouraging emails as well! We love you guys!
It’s been a long day, and another awaits us for tomorrow! Please pray for good, deep sleep!
Love, Jami (&Ted)

One thought on “The Simple Little Things in life.

  1. Dani/Nelley says:

    i LOVE reading your blogs, Jami and Ted. They are so inspirational and it brings a happy tear to my eye with all the hard, amazing work you are doing in Thailand. You are amazing people with amazing hearts, i love and miss you guys and please be safe. my prayers are with you! DM


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