"Flexibility is the key to success". . .Holy moly, sometimes that’s hard.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

I hope that you had a blessed Thanksgiving, with alot of fun, laughter, and of course…turkey.

Wow, where to start?! It has been such an eventful month of November, so there is much to say!

First off, we are still up at the Eagle Rock campus, working with the DTS here. It has been incredible to watch each of the students really get to know God more personably, as well as finding who they are in Him, and really growing beyond what we could even imagine. They have already been faced with many challenges over the short months they have been here. One of those, was “losing” a fellow student. On week 6 (we are now in week 9) of the school a young man in the DTS was really struggling, and decided the best thing for him, and the school, would be if he left. It was hard for everyone, including staff. If you think of him, please pray for him. His name is Michael.

That same week, we also had quite a change in outreach plans. Which really had an effect on everyone who was planning on Thailand as their main outreach destination. A huge number of students did not have their first outreach payment, which was due week 3, therefore it was impossible for us to buy airplane tickets on the week we were supposed to, AND there second one was due as well. So the elders of YWAM decided that we could not make the outreach happen unless we had a offering which raised over $18,000. Now, we have seen this happen at YWAM Denver before, and in even greater amounts, but this time they felt like God was changing the plans, and exchanging them for something new.

So, we were then told that we needed to split the team into two teams. One heading to Thailand and the other to Mexico. The students without their Thailand outreach payments would automatically be on the Mexico team.

Because the amount of students going, has a huge effect on the amount of staff. To be fully covered in cost then we would need 18 students to have their payment in by the next day. This looked close to impossible. For Ted and I this meant that we would NOT be going on outreach.

Well in the end of the day (which felt like forever, no exaggeration!) the Thailand team was at 17 students, and the Mexico team was at 7. Which meant Ted and I were going on outreach! God really challenged me to completely trust Him, and what He was planning in this time. It was SO hard! (However, I’ll admit, I did cry)

The students did not take this very well at first, but now they are excited and embracing this new change!!!

So YES! We are officially assisting the outreach to Thailand! And Ted and I are both VERY very excited about this opportunity to grow, and to teach, and to learn!

“What will you be doing in Thailand?” GOOD QUESTION! And unfortunately I don’t have the time to write this, BUT I will by the end of this week!!

Have an awesome evening wherever you may be!
Jami Davis (& Ted)

(Note of IMAGE ABOVE: the image represents the sex trafficking going on in thailand. This t-shirt was designed by a YWAMer specifically to raise awareness and money for Justice for children international.)

2 thoughts on “"Flexibility is the key to success". . .Holy moly, sometimes that’s hard.

  1. MadreBowker says:

    Hello Sweetheart! Thanks for sharing with us! I love the way you are so honest and practical. Hey, maybe you could post a link to get one of the t-shirts for anyone who wants to support the ministry to the Thai prostitutes. Thanks sweetie! Thanks for a great weekend! I love you, Madre


  2. Anonymous says:

    HEY J! i love receiving the emails that you have a new posting! i love keeping up to date with the Davis family, thank you! When will you be leaving for Thailand and how long is the stay? I wish you luck and be safe! luv ya much! Danielle Renee`


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