News, new friends, and Thai food?

Another season began last on October 1st, as the students for the Eagle Rock DTS rolled in here. We are now up and rolling as a family in the Mountains! It’s been incredible already, with more excitement and growth, possibly with come challenges to come.
We have 27 students up at ER, and 14 staff. With each new DTS, we see very different personalities, even as a whole. For example, the Base DTS is all pretty chill, quiet, and shy, and our ER DTS is very outgoing, very loud, and most of them have probably never been shy in their life. So it’s most definetely been an adventure this far! A good one!
Ted has three guys, Tony (23) from Arizona, Brent (22) from Florida, and Robert (26) from Texas. All very different guys, but with the same common heart…to serve Jesus whole heartedly. Ted’s actually out right now playing frisbee golf with Brent. I have Veronica (22) from Indiana, and Corrie (20) from New York. (I had a third girl but she couldn’t make it due to a visa issue, she was from Nepal). My girls are both very different, but they both have a lot in common with me, so it has been a blast! So far, we have all hung out at a local coffee shop, and talked about identity, shared our testimonies, watched some movies, and played games.
It has definetely been challenging here and there learning to balance everything, but for the most part, it has been incredible. Especially to see each of them already grow in who they are in Christ. Last weeks teaching was on the Father Heart of God, which spoke to my girls hearts deeply, as well as Ted’s guys.
On a more personal level, many of you know, or maybe not, that Ted and I were in a car accident a little over a month now. Well, the guy who hit us, claimed fault, and his insurance is going to help us get a new vehicle. Which honestly for an accident, this was the most “ideal” situation. (Actually the most ideal situtation would be not to have the accident but…). Anyways, it still is in the process of us getting the car to them, handing over everything like the title and such, and recieving the money. Please pray that this will go smoothly, and God will hook us up soon with a good, reliable vehicle.
Our car was VERY good, so its sad to see it go, but oh well. Also, one awesome praise report is that we are (as of right now) living up the mountain, rarely needing a car. If we had been living down the mountain right now, we would be in a lot of trouble. So God new, and worked things out for good huh?
Another prayer request…with the accident, i unfortunetly wasn’t wearing my seatbelt. (My mother, and father, and grandmother, and husband, have all LOVINGLY talked some sense into me since of course). I’m not sure why i chose not too, but just to let you know, i now buckle up the very second my bum hits the car seat. Anyways, I did end up hurting my back in the accident, and even though the insurance and police knew i wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, since the guy claimed fault, they are covering my “medical” bills. Not that i’ve done anything yet. I did get it checked out, and the doctor said, i pulled muscles in my lower back, adn nothing else. So nothing super serious, but i am in alot of pain doing normal activities. So please pray that God will heal this up quickly. I DID very much so, learn my lesson.
ANOTHER thing, sorry this is so long! Ted and I are officially going to Thailand! We leave with the whole DTS on or around December 15th! We will miss Christmas which is hard, but we are very excited. I will write later with more information on what we will be doing in ministry there as well as the dates and places we will visit while in Thailand!
Alright, well i must go! Love you all!
Be blessed!
Jami (& Ted)
(PHOTO: Ted surprised me one night and took me out for my favourite food: Thai. If you’ve never had Thai before, i encourage you to try it! My favourite is the Spicy Pad Thai, try it out!)
“Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades.
Never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame,
And the cry of my heart is to bring You praise,
From the inside out, Lord my sould cries out!”
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One thought on “News, new friends, and Thai food?

  1. Alaina says:

    Dang…I have been forgetting to read this and so I had no idea you’d been in an accident or anything! I hope your back is recovering completely. I love you Haime!!


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