Labor Day Camping Trip

Mom took a photo of my lovely camping pjs early in the morning hence the hairdo.
Ted pretending to be ashamed of my outfit. ;)
The woods, its was very beautiful and peaceful there.
They were starving to chewed on some trees.
Ted trying to start a fire for us.

Inside the man made “shelter”.
Ted still trying to start the fire.
The enterance to the shelter
Due to a storm away from our campsite, we had to quickly build a shelter for everyone. Turned out we didnt need to after all, and we all walked back to our campsite.

The camping crew (minus my mom)
A tree branch.
me and Chey by the gorgeous lake
Ab, Me, and Chey pretending to eat wild mushrooms.
Our feet!
(Some of the photos on here are taken by My madre, or chelsea, or Abie and me.)
More photos to come of camping and the ride Ted, Chey, and I took to get there. Also our honey moon photos are on their way!!!
Love, Jami (& Ted)

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