Amazed with much excitement.

The past few days have been really incredible so I wanted to share! In June we were panicking about August and how we would pay for our bills, car insurance as a married couple, vehicle registration. . . and honestly it seemed impossible.
We were in need of gas in our little station wagon last week. The whole week, we were wondering when the car would run out. But it continually stayed on E, without ever failing once. Then thursday rolled around and Ted decided to go ahead and put $10 of gas in our car. Saying, “I just put gas in with faith God will provide. That same day we checked our mailbox to find someone from our home church sent us 5 dollars over the amount placed in the car! We were so excited!!!
Then Friday when I was sorting the mail, I found two letters addressed to us, from my mother-in-law, Anisa. One for Ted and one for me. Inside was money, enough to help us with our car insurance! And in my card was a sweet card that literally sung, singing about how God is with us in the storms aaaand…a starbucks card!
Yesterday Ted and I sat in our apartment talking about what was to be paid next. Our electric bill is due the 28th and our vehicle registration ends the same day. Ted just said what he always says, “Lets just wait and see what God does.” So today we came to work, and as we sat in staff meeting, a lady on staff came up to us, handed me a card, and said, “Im so sorry this is late, but this is for your wedding.” We opened the sweet note, to find enough to pay our electric bill!
The again, yes, i know this is totally amazing! Today we recieved support from a very dear friend of Ted and I. For enough to pay for our final “worry” this month. Our vehicle registration!
God amazes me with how in the very exact moment of need, He totally comes around and provides!
Just thought I’d share a bit of the excitement!! Holy Moly!
Love, Jami (& Ted)
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