Funny little lesson

(Jami speaking.)

Well, Tuesdays are what is called my “wife’s day” where I get a whole day off from YWAM. I spend most of my time doing laundry for the week, cleaning the place, and making a meal for my hubby. (Yes, i am learning to cook, crazy huh?)

Anyhow, here is the story. Many of you know i absolutely l o v e starbucks, but you also know i am a missionary, so i rarely splurge, because, well there isn’t much to splurge. Haha. So yesterday I decided to go through our entire house, and if I found enough dimes to buy a starbucks then i would get one, and if not i would live without one. So i searched, and sure enough i actually ended up finding $5 in dimes! I was so thrilled!

So I drove to my bank to exchange the $5 in dimes for 1 dollar bills. This ended up taking me 15 minutes, because they had me come in and roll the dimes. As i sat rolling them, I realized I was too embarressed to hand the dimes to the starbucks people. So silly I know.

So i finished. Headed to starbucks, and got me a white chocolate mocha latte. A whopping $4 dollars of my find. As i drove away i couldn’t even drink it because i got this sick feeling in my stomach. A nice little tummy ache called Guilt. I just spent probably an hour of my time searching for money for a starbucks. . . yikes eh?

Well, long story short…i got home, hadn’t taken a sip, because i knew it would upset my already upset stomach. So i stuck it in the microwave for later. Two hours later i realized it was in there, went to heat it up, and our microwave decided to break this lovely day.

The moral of this story. . . well there are probably a few. If you have to search so hard to find the money in the first place, you probably shoulnd’t spending that money you find.

Secondly, don’t be embarressed to hand $5 worth of dimes to the cashier, because as a missionary you’ll most likely be doing this a lot.

Thirdly, don’t feed an “addiction” cause you’ll get a tummy ache called guilt.

Thought you’d find this funny.

Love, Jami

“The way of the fool is right in his own eyes, But he who heeds counsel is wise.” Proverbs 12:15

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One thought on “Funny little lesson

  1. meagan schmidt says:

    Jami- you are so cute! I loved your story and wise conclusions. I’ll try to apply these truths to my own life as well! :) L, Meagan S.


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