Camping trip at Loch Lomond

This weekend a group of us (Me, being the only female) headed up for a crazy, (& cold), camping trip. We drove about an hour north, to head up a 40 minute trail, where only four-wheel-drive vehicles may go. It was probably the most bumpy ride I’ve ever taken to go camping. This would be what the boys call “hardcore camping”. This was our (Ted and i’s) first camping trip together, so its was fun seeing each other interact with nature. The true “are they wimps or champs?” test. I must say though, i wimped out a few times with a few things. Ted, however was a champ.

As you can see up above, is one of the most beautiful camping sites i have EVER been to. Ted couldn’t say the same, since he is from one of the most beautiful states, Alaska. We were at elevation 10,2xx, so hiking was a little crazy on the lungs. We camped near a beautiful lake, called Loch Lomond, and we would hike up a mile or so higher to fish at a remote lake. It was incredibly crystal clear water. There were about 4 lakes, 3 of which I went to. The boys traveled higher to fish, but that was where i wimped out. As soon as they said “snow”, I was back to the campsite. But they did catch some trout, for Ted, nothing like Alaska salmon, but still the same awesome taste for dinner.

The lake nearest to us, some of the 5 guys, decided to jump into. One described the water as “almost cold enough to take your breath away and leave you with hypothermia”. This was another area i wimped out in. On this lake, there was a gorgeous waterfall, due to the overflowing lakes above the lower one. It was breathtaking.

With the help of my mom in Cheyenne, Ted and I were able to find two, two-man tents at a garage sale at the awesome prize of $5 all together. Sadly we werent able to test them out until this camping trip, so needless to say we froze. But we most definetly learned our lesson for next time! Ted, Chey Foran, myself, and my family will heading out for a three day camping trip Labor day weekend, which we are excited about!!

Well, hopefully I can find a computer to throw some more photos of the camping trip on. Unfortunetly our camera batteries lasted a whopping 30 minutes, so the photos are limited. But I will post them ASAP.

Well Be blessed!

Jami (& Ted)

One thought on “Camping trip at Loch Lomond

  1. Dody Kettler says:

    Sounds like fun. I with Ted though. If you all were up here right now you could be fishing at Jim Creek with me and pulling out 9 pound silver salmon regularly! Can’t wait til you all get here next summer. LOTS of fishing waiting for you in the most beautiful state of all! LOLDody


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